I have a friend who replied, when I asked about getting a massage, "Ugh, I don't want anyone touching me." Chances are that's not you or you wouldn't be searching "Massage Therapists in Virginia Beach" because you DO like to be rubbed, stroked and kneaded as only can be done by a professional. You like the long, gliding movement of effleurage*, the stroking of the arch of your feet, the kneading of petrissage* of your legs and arms, the friction of the palms of the hands on your face, and the vibration of the spleen and liver and, after a combination of all these moves on your back, the tapotement* or hacking* and cupping ending with gentle nerve strokes*. At the same time you can know that the body is being kept in a healthy, normal condition; your metabolism is stimulated; circulation of blood to the heart is improved and your nervous system reaches out to effect beneficially various organs of the body. The results are reduced stress, managed pain and an enhanced feeling of wellness.

* French terms used in classic or Swedish massage